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Occupational Health & Safety

Our Occupational Health & Safety collection has hundreds of documents for you to use to find any editable guide or document to help you run your business. Choose from complete standard operating procedure manuals to basic SWMS or JSA templates. Download quickly and simply with a once off fee and no lock in contracts.

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This Company Policies and Procedures Manual Template is a comprehensive guide and overview of your company policies and procedures that once customised to your business should be delivered to all staff when they join your business so they know who you are and how you operate. We include office procedures examples...




This editable Word project policies manual template covers the common policies for a project team and office, and can be used for any project type. It covers off a multitude of project topics from general business information, project administration, computers and network and project tools. This manual is typically used...


This procedure relates specifically to the management of alcohol and drugs in the workplace and is applicable to all staff, contractors and visitors on site. Format: WORD


A completely editable emergency evacuation checklist that covers off the nature of the emergency, all details of the emergency and who needs to be or is notified and all details of the emergency so that it can be logged and tracked for insurance or other purposes. Format: WORD   Pages: 2


When entering into business with a company it is good to check and see that they are a reputable business without any marks against their name.  Description This credibility check walks through checking into the basics of a company that you are intending to do business with, be it a...


The Working From Home Safety Rules discusses the many safety standards and protocols for those working from home. The Work From Home Safety Rules covers off the following sections: *Paths and parking areas *Building entrances/exits *Storage areas *Internal stairways and doors *Kitchen *Home offices *Workshops *Home offices *Hazard identification and...


Many businesses have a coffee machine either managed by an external company or something like a Nespresso machine, this policy will delineate who manages the machine (either a person or group of people) and the do's and don'ts to make sure the most important piece of equipment in the office...


Management meeting agenda template in word. Fully editable and covers off targets, expectations, target summation and review, internships and mentoring, staffing changes such as new hires, terminations and resignations, any annual leave or personnel details, process changes, marketing & sales updates and deliverables, training and open forum. Format: WORD   Pages: 2