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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t we upload all pages as images?

There are two main reasons. Firstly, we have to protect our Intellectual Property (IP) by not showing all content. A lot of work goes into each template or guide.

Secondly, uploading lots of images loads up the website, we would rather show you just what you need to decide if the contract or template is right for you.

In most cases, we only upload 5 pages.

How do I know the information is current?

We can never assure that the information is current or applicable in your country or state. As laws and regulations vary continuously. We do show the date of upload to the site however, which should give an indication of time lapsed.

We always recommend you check your local and state laws if you are unsure. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Why so cheap?

Because we want you to succeed. Simple as that.

Can I request a sample of the document?

We currently cannot provide samples, as we use the images of the document for that. If you require more information about a document, you can reach out to our team on or to the contributor directly through their profile.

I have some great documents. Can I send them in to upload?

Yeah you can! You can sign up as a contributor which means you can upload as many documents as you want for our awesome customers to use to help build and grow their business. Simply click on the link here to sign up as a contributor.

I cannot find the document I downloaded ☹

We have an instant download option when you purchase, and we send you an email. We also have the documents you purchased in your account, so you can login any time and redownload.

What happens if a document I purchased gets updated?

Our system will automatically email you the updated copy of that document and update the file in your customer login.

I’ve heard I can earn commissions by referring people to your site, how does it work?

It’s pretty simple really, just head to this page HERE and sign up. You can either add our graphics to your website or blog. Or share your link or code with people on your socials, in person, or however you want! And any purchases that come from your code get attributed to you, and you get commissions paid monthly.

We also have special offers in our affiliate program for things like writing guest articles and contributing to our community in a valuable way.

I’m based in the USA, are these documents still ok for me to use?

80% of the documents are ‘country’ neutral when it comes to things like legal terminology, but things like legal contracts are written with Australian law in mind. You could still use them, but you would be best to get a legal representative to review them if you are worried. 

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