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About Us

Docushop is a collective of experts passionate about creating a global economy powered by thriving small businesses.


Eliminate the biggest barriers to education: cost, time, and accessibility. Gather the most creative minds, technologists, entrepreneurs and inspirational professionals to teach 21st century skills.
We still live in an era where anyone wanting to start a business has to continuously fight uphill battles, and learn, learn, learn every day.
There is no school for what we do. No easy course.
But armed with the right tools, guides and templates we hope to give every aspiring business owner, entrepreneur and CEO access to the knowledge they need to build successful businesses, without barriers.

Welcome to docushop.


We often get asked why we give away so much value, at unheard of prices.
We do it because we are dedicated to democratizing documents and sharing knowledge. Being in business, or managing a business, is hard. And we believe there are not enough resources available to the people who truly need them.
With 93% of businesses that make up our economy being SME’s and startups, we firmly believe that empowering these businesses with knowledge, tools and templates to be able to start, plan and grow their businesses, will make this world a better place.
Our marketplace exists, so that we can reward others for sharing their knowledge. Sharing is one of the most powerful things we can do, and teaching is often the most undervalued.

It is time to connect, share and empower each other.