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This administration document is an overview of the processes your receptionist or administrator should follow at a basic level. It covers off phone etiquette guidelines, purchase order handling and travel requirements for management. Format: WORD Pages: 1


This Company Policies and Procedures Manual Template is a comprehensive guide and overview of your company policies and procedures that once customised to your business should be delivered to all staff when they join your business so they know who you are and how you operate. We include office procedures examples...




When your employees have to travel extensively for work purposes it often takes up much of their personal time that is not compensated by the company. This policy offers ideas to ensure your staff feel they are adequately compensated and have options that look after their personal time or give...




This editable Word project policies manual template covers the common policies for a project team and office, and can be used for any project type. It covers off a multitude of project topics from general business information, project administration, computers and network and project tools. This manual is typically used...