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This policy pertains to accounts receivable and outlines when credit may be granted, by whom, to whom, and for how long, and describes the actions involved in collection of delinquent accounts. FORMAT: WORD




This policy defines the nature and purpose of annual recreation leave and annual leave loading, setting out entitlements, eligibility criteria and other conditions that apply. Expectations and requirements for effective leave management and clearance of excess leave are outlined in this policy. Format: WORD




The Code of Conduct covers all departments and is aimed to more closely align staffs conduct with the organizational values and ethics that underpin your policies and procedures. Format: WORD




This Company Policies and Procedures Manual Template is a comprehensive guide and overview of your company policies and procedures that once customised to your business should be delivered to all staff when they join your business so they know who you are and how you operate. We include office procedures examples...




Our Incident Response Procedure Template goes through all the details needed for a major or minor incident. Topics covered Incident Outlines, Incident Handling, Allocated Responsibilities, Recommended Responses and any additional information. Every company should have a process to manage incidents, so this procedure is crucial to every business. Format: WORD  ...




Appropriate Use Policy covers: Use of electronic mail (email) on your networks – internally or externally (including Internet email). Access to the internet over your networks, by any method whatsoever. General use of your computer equipment and infrastructure. Format: WORD




If you are starting an online marketplace or getting investment into your marketplace business, this is a great template with pre-filled information to help you through. Description This is a detailed business plan that is perfect for any online marketplace business to begin with a solid framework and lots of...




Permanent employees are entitled to personal/carer’s leave. This policy is designed to outline the allowed leave for illness, personal days, bereavement and jury service. Format: WORD




A 25 page pitch deck geared towards a real estate or wealth creation business (but could be recreated by anyone) looking for external investment or sales growth. Majority of content is prepopulated, and is completely editable in Microsoft Powerpoint. Simply drop in your own content, customise colours and images and...