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Medical Practice Business Plan Template

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If you have a doctors clinic or any kind of medical practice this is the perfect document for you. A complete template and guide to starting your own clinic or getting investment in your practice. Description This is a detailed medical practice business plan that is perfect for any type...

If you have a doctors clinic or any kind of medical practice this is the perfect document for you. A complete template and guide to starting your own clinic or getting investment in your practice.


This is a detailed medical practice business plan that is perfect for any type of medical business to begin with a solid framework and lots of pre-filled information. You can simply insert your own logo and company information, as well as add and remove information blocks so the plan becomes relevant to your business.

This business plan can be used for any style of medical practice such as general practice, specialist medical practice, ophthalmology practice, haematology practice, endocrinology practice, cardiology practice and really any type of medical practice.

Format: Microsoft Word

Pages: 30


There are so many benefits of having a business plan, one of the most obvious is getting investment. However a business plan sets the foundation for your business. It looks at it now, and looks at where you want to be, and sets the plan to get you from startup to established. 

It helps you think about what staff you need to get you to your goals, what systems you need, how you will find customers and how you will be different to your competitors.

Other great benefits of having a business plan:

  • You get a complete picture of the business. Business planning done right connects the dots in your business so you get a better picture of exactly what needs to be done and when.
  • Strategic Focus. Many business owners get stuck working IN their business and not ON it. Which can lead to alot of wheel spinning and feeling like you are getting no where.
  • Set priorities. You get to look at what is really important. And work out who should be doing these tasks.
  • Manage change. Poor management of change in a business can be deadly. A business plan can help you foresee challenges and ensure you have a strategy to best deal with them.
  • Develop accountability. Knowing what team you need and who is responsible for what task is crucial. 
  • Manage cash. They don’t say ‘cash is king’ for no reason. Without it, you won’t go anywhere. So managing your cash is paramount. It is also important for investors to see that you understand the financials of your business.

We could go on all day about the benefits of a business plan, but that fact you are looking at this template tells us you already know the benefits! Rather than spending thousands on having one developed from scratch, why reinvent the wheel. Use our template, customise it for your business, and hey presto!

How to Use

The template is a word document and is ready to download and edit immediately.

Once purchased, wait a few moments while it creates your download, and you can then download when the ‘DOWNLOADS READY’ box appears. You will also receive an email with the downloads so you can access them later.

Customise the business plan with your business name and logo. You can also change the theme template to update the colour profile to match your corporate colours. 

Read through every section and customise to your business. If something is not relevant, simply delete it. And of course, you can add any additional sections as you require.

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