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How to Use Online Templates

How to Use Online Templates to Save Time and Money in Your Business

As businesses become more competitive, the need to find ways to stay one step ahead is critical. One way to increase odds of success is by taking advantage of all the resources available to you. Why reinvent the wheel, when someone has already done the hardwork, and used their tools and templates as part of a successful business.

One strategy (and very cost effective way) is to use online templates.

Benefits of Online Templates

There are many reasons to use online templates:

Templates provide basic structure to documents. This structure ensures all documents are uniform and will gather the basic information needed each time it is used. This will eliminate any confusion or potential discrepancies. 

Can be customized for a variety of business purposes. Templates can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each individual business. Logos, links, images or other items can be added to make the document (and business) stand out from their competition with little effort needed to create the document.

Eliminates the need to continuously create new documents. Creating new documents from scratch can be tedious and time consuming. Templates ensure all pertinent information is added to each document, eliminating the inadvertent omission of important information. Presets for font size, spacing, and other common uses can be established as well.

Eliminate paperwork. Online templates can drastically reduce paperwork and clutter. They also allow for easier access outside of the office, anytime, anyplace.

Increased consistency and compliance. Many industries have compliance regulations, requiring certain information be obtained from clients. On the flipside, businesses may be required to list disclosures per compliance rules and regulations. Templates ensure these requirements are met, while allowing for quick and seamless changes or modifications should they be needed.

Easy to update with rapidly changing business environments. As times and industries change, businesses must be able change just as quickly. Templates can be modified at a moment’s notice.   

Can be sent and received electronically. Online templates can be completed and signed online, without having to be printed. This convenience allows businesses to complete transactions with customers around the world. This adds another level of professionalism  to the business, as well as increased sales potential.

Top Business Templates

There are hundreds of business templates available. Here are a few of the most common business templates:

Accounting/Financial reporting templates

These templates allow for inputting earnings and expenses, allowing for accurate record-keeping. Information can be updated and analysed as needed: (daily, weekly, quarterly, annually).

Administration templates

Admin templates can range anywhere from business letters or administration guides that help staff know how your business is run.

Human Resources & Training templates

HR templates are great for getting structure into performance reviews, management assessments and training programs. Writing employment contracts, or job descriptions for new roles can also be made much simpler and quicker using templates. 

Legal & Corporate templates

For legal documents without the hassle of a lawyer. Set terms and conditions that help protect your business using confidentiality agreements, service level agreements and master service agreements.

Sales & Marketing templates

Sick of writing sales emails that don't work? Use tried and tested methods from other businesses. Marketing not working too? Why not use a marketing plan template, or social media strategy template.

Occupational Safety & Health templates

These are probably the most important of the bunch. Keeping your staff safe with clear expectations and clarifications around acceptable OHS behaviour can be the difference between life and death. Don't take the risk.

Investment & Pitching templates

There are pitch decks, business plans and other templates that can help you get much needed investment into your business, without devising something from scratch. 

Putting it All Together

Templates are an excellent way to streamline a business and make it more efficient. Adding a logo, address, contact info or other information will make them more company specific, as well as add a touch of professionalism to the business.  

We have many templates available, browse though our online repository and get the much needed structure you need to help you grow and thrive.