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Pitching & Investment Tools Bundle

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Develop the tools you need to confidently pitch your business to investors, banks or achieve grant funding. Use tools & templates from investment experts, so you can confidently pitch your ideas to investors in a compelling way. valued at $9,000 = yours for only $99 Pitching & Investment Tools Includes: Business...

Develop the tools you need to confidently pitch your business to investors, banks or achieve grant funding. Use tools & templates from investment experts, so you can confidently pitch your ideas to investors in a compelling way.

valued at $9,000 = yours for only $99

Pitching & Investment Tools


  • Business Plan Template
  • Pitch Deck Template
  • Financial Plan & Forecast
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Executive Summary
  • Term Sheet
  • Startup Valuation Calculator

And also comes with an overview guide on how to use each document & template, plus a business plan writing guide so you know the best ways to find the information you need.

BONUS! Our complete pitching & investment guide book that teaches you:

  • investor terminology 
  • what type of funding is out there and how to find it
  • do's and don'ts during your pitch

Finding Investment is Tough.

Knowing your product or service isn't enough. A developed strategy can help you target the right investors, at the right time, using the right methods.

Stop Pitching. Start Connecting.

Learn how listen to customers and solution sell to your investors rather than product/service sell. Build a strategy around your benefits, not features.

Learn Secrets from Experts.

Our guides, tools & templates will help you craft a compelling message, and our pitch guide will talk you through what investors are looking for and how to appeal to them.

Finally feel confident you'll get the investment you need

Impress Investors.

Create a strong but simple message that shows you know your market and can confidently engage them.

Know Your Audience.

Understand different investor types and what they are looking for, so that you can craft a message to reach the investor of your dreams.

Understand Their Desires.

Find out what investors are really looking for. Aside from dollars and cents, what makes a company investable.

About the Bundle

Learn what types of funding and investment are available.

From angel funding, to Venture Capital funding to crowdfunding and more there are dozens of funding types. Understand your options so you get the best solution for you.

Learn how to promote your business.

Not only will you learn how to sell your business to investors, but you will also be able to use elements of your plan and pitch to go direct to your customers.

Communicate like a pro.

Our templates and guides will teach you investor terminology and how to talk the talk. Whilst investors aren't expecting you to know everything, knowing industry talk can stop embarrassing moments during pitch Q&A.

It's time to get funding!

Did you learn how to get investor funding or financing in school? Do you know how or where to find the right people who might want to help your business grow?

For most business owners, investments & funding aren’t typically part of your specialty skillset.

Then, you’re left with one question, “where do I start?”

Marketing yourself is crucial to finding investment as a business owner, or entrepreneur. You need to refine your message, communicate it clearly, and pitch in a way that sets you apart from the masses. That’s where our tools and templates come in.

You'll gain valuable knowledge


With investors by taking the time to truly understand what results they are looking for.


By following our investor communications guide and checklist.


To potential investors using our tried & tested business plan template and presentation deck.


Right now, thousands of people are vying for investors attention, so those presenting a strong package have a better chance of impressing.

These tools are for anyone looking to get funding - be it investor, grant, bank or anything in between!

It doesn’t matter what level of knowledge you have on investor or getting investment. The tools teach you the techniques to present a compelling business concept. 

This is for you:

  • Need to learn more about what funding options are out there
  • Not sure if your idea is ready for pitching
  • Looking to start a business or startup
  • Tried pitching before and failed
  • Looking for a bank loan and getting knocked back

 PLEASE NOTE - We only include a selection of images from each document in the bundle. 

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